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What’s the storage stool?

On the basis of ordinary stools, the storage function has been added. Both a stool and a storage box.

Most of the storage stools are made of canvas, PU leather, etc., with strong antifouling performance. The canvas itself has a thick texture and is very strong and durable, while the velvet fabric feels silky, elegant, and beautiful; and the PU leather itself is durable and durable, and has a strong ability to prevent dust. Therefore, the storage stool is more reliable in material and is deeply loved by the masses.

PU Storage Stool

Storage Features

1. Beautiful and practical
The storage stool itself is a new concept of international home furnishing. It is novel in concept, high in quality and low in price, beautiful and practical, foldable and storage, and does not take up space. It is definitely a good helper for daily use at home. When unfolded, it is a storage stool, which can store things inside and can sit people on it, which is multi-purpose. This storage stool is very suitable for use in various home environments, and it is very practical!

2. Diversified shapes
The shape of the storage stool is changeable, and powerful companies can design various shapes of storage stools for our home, such as square, rectangular, round, bench-shaped, etc., plus storage stools. There are a variety of colors and patterns, so the storage stools on the market are enough for consumers to buy.

3. Easy to use
Like ordinary solid wood stools, they are relatively bulky and do not have corresponding storage functions. Things like mold and insects may occur when they are not stored properly, but after using the storage stool, you don’t have to worry about such problems. The fabric storage stool itself is relatively light and simple, with no inner compartment restrictions, you can place objects of any size according to your preferences, and can be folded and put away when not in use.

Storage Stools

4. Large bearing capacity
The wooden feet of the storage bench has a non-slip function. When the bench is used, it will not scratch the floor! The reinforced overall structure of this product, the reinforced three-dimensional car edge, is strong and durable, and the maximum bearing capacity can reach 100kg, which is suitable for home use. A great product for daily use and gifts for relatives and friends.

What is the function of the storage bench?
Used as a storage box, it has a large internal capacity and can store sundries, such as books, newspapers, shoes, children’s toys, and other household sundries.
No hard and abrupt corners, the elderly and children at home are not easy to be bruised, the material is soft and does not wear on the ground, it is practical and decorative, and it can be folded and stored in spare time, taking up little space.
Commercial advertising promotional gifts, the printing of corporate logos, and characteristic patterns make the advertising effect lasting deep into the family.
It can be seen that the storage stool is based on the ordinary stool, and the storage function is added. Both a stool and a storage box. It is widely used in daily life, especially suitable for small apartment spaces, beautiful and practical.

Excellent Storage Stool Manufacturers

Storage Stool Manufacturer

Chaojie is a diversified company integrating home furnishing production, product research, and development, sales, and service. The company has many professional manufacturing bases in China and has established branches in many foreign countries. Concept agricultural development, marketing, and more.

Beijing Xijiajia Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. The main products are storage stools and creative household items. The products bring together many domestic creative household brands. With the advantages of a complete product range and excellent price, the company has won rapid development. Now the product categories that it operates have grown to thousands of models, with relatively high creativity.

Kaimo Household Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the production of modern household products. The company currently has 11 large factories with a total construction area of 510,000 square meters and a number of foreign advanced production lines. Taking consumers as the center and taking quality of life is the company’s entrepreneurial spirit. It has also established a perfect marketing network and its products are also sold abroad.

Qiao An is a brand specializing in the design and production of storage boxes. At first, Qiao An was a company exporting European-style household products. Later, he found that there is huge room for development in the domestic storage industry, so he established Qiao An Storage Box Brand Company. Qiao An’s understanding of products and the use of advanced foreign technology, coupled with pure hand-made craftsmanship, have performed very well in the storage industry in just a few years.

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