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Felt Storage Basket

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Felt Storage Basket 1
Felt Storage Basket
Felt Storage Basket 1
Felt Storage Basket

Product name: Felt Storage Basket
Type: Storage Baskets
Use: Clothing
Material: Felt
Feature: Sustainable, Folding, Stocked
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Brand Name: Beaufy
Model Number: BeaufyNC60
Functional design: Foldable
Dimensional tolerance: <±5mm
Weight tolerance: <±5%(含)
Color: Custom Color
Logo: Customer Logo
Usage: Daily Mess Storage
Size: Custom Size
Packing: Carton
Application: Home Goods Storage

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Simple Felt Storage Basket

Felt Storage Cube measures 12 in x 12 in x 12 in
Collapse the cube when not in use
Felt handles allow the cube to be easily moved from room to room
This item is designed to fold flat when empty and will maintain its shape when filled

This container basket is made with 100% eco-friendly FELT that is incredibly sturdy and durable yet safe and healthy, making it safe for storing your baby clothes and nursery use. Easy to clean, it is recommended to wipe the basket with a soft dry cloth. Spot clean with light soapy water if necessary

Collapsible for easy storage if not in use, space-saving, and portable to carry around. Comes with a sturdy handle on both sides that allow easy sliding into and out of shelves or closets.

A storage case for all your storage needs, including clothing, dog toys, books and magazines. Use these stylish storage boxes to save your desk, kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you want. The spacious design provides ample space for soiled clothes; This large-capacity laundry basket is stylish and practical; Please store in the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, utility room, children’s room, laundry room and more.Today’s office, home, or dormitory space and storage requirements provide simple yet stylish solutions. A better solution for keeping closets, shelves, open spaces, and desks in order.
Decorative storage bins provide a good storage solution for your home or office. The basket can hold magazines, books, shoes, clothes, towels, blankets, pet toys, office supplies, gifts. Large storage baskets bins are ideals for closet, shelves, pantry, living room, bedroom, bathroom, playroom, etc.
Folding durable cotton and linen storage box, Durable environmentally-friendly material – made of high-quality extra-thick felt, this elegant storage container withstands daily wear and tear. Sturdy leather handle with stainless steel stitching for added durability. And easy to do – with a damp cloth to wipe dry. Pure colour felt fabric, beautiful grey to move, can add contemporary feeling, in any living space design of eternity, not out of fashion, very suitable for neat storage towels, blankets, toys, magazines and other household items, and style to match with interior decoration design, make your home clean and tidy. The felt texture reminds you of warm home time, exquisitely handmade and sewing brings you eternal comfort.

When not compact and space-saving, the basket can be folded up for storage space; Baskets can also be used to store toys and stuffed animals, blankets in the living room, etc. This portable fabric case adds a new organization option to meet your basic storage needs; Perfect for bedrooms and apartments. Good standing, strong structure – special folding way to stand up even if there is nothing in it.Finishing and decomposing – Fordable storage bins for easy access to items. This soft storage box can be placed on the floor, closet shelf, bookshelf, desk, laundry room, office, etc.

Easy to clean, easy to move, carry or store. The reinforced handle is easier to grip than the fabric handle. The hollow handle with metal provides strong support, ensuring that each case is easy to lift and carry. Foldable design, fold flat when not in use.
Easy to transport: The included handle makes the basket easy to wash from the closet to the bedroom; Soft fabric structure will not hook or tear; Lightweight and easy to handle.

Square Felt Storage Basket

Flexible and sturdy

Polyester felt with comfortable touch feeling, soft to prevent scratching, flexible for space saved up on desk, office, bedroom, closet, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you desire with this stylish storage and organizer bins.

Durable and huge capacity storage

Multi-use storage bins, separate and protect surfaces can to fit shelf to hold small accessories, or on the desk to keep toys magazine books newspapers clothes socks Laundry etc. Durable and sturdy, It is able to hold heavy stuff to not exceed 20 kg.

Square Felt Storage Basket Features

Felt drawer organiser bins with various colours for kids toys junk to fit shelf, make the room tidy
Storage basket for clothes and makeup cosmetics
Felt office supplies of storage bins for magazine books newspapers organize
Square Felt Storage Basket is made of durable felt fabric, soft and safe, easy to clean, tear-resistant. Eco-friendly.

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