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Oxford Storage Box

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Square Waterproof Oxford Storage Basket
Adjustable Stroller Organizer
Adjustable Stroller Organizer 1
Square Waterproof Oxford Storage Basket
Adjustable Stroller Organizer
Adjustable Stroller Organizer 1

Covered Cloth Storage Box
Color: Multy Color
Usage: Daily Mess Storage
Size: 50*40*33cm
Packing: Oxford
Shape: Rectangle
Style: New-fashion
Item: With Lid
Advantage: Space Saving
Type: Storage Baskets
Use: Clothing
Feature: Folding, Stocked
Functional design: Multi-function
Dimensional tolerance: <±1mm
Weight tolerance: <±1%
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Material: Oxford

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Square Waterproof Oxford Storage Basket
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Oxford Storage Box Advantages

It is easier to carry for the reinforced handles on both sides , and the reinforced sewing machine connection makes the handles reusable and durable.

Built-in high quality thickened steel frame. the steel frame is foldable, which is handy when not in use to save space. and also ensures that it can be stacked repeatedly during storage, which greatly improves the practicality of the storage box.

Sturdy zipper: comes with a washable plastic zipper that is difficult to break and can be used for a long period of time. and two-way zippers allow easy sliding along the closure.

The storage box set can be used for closet or cloakroom, also a top option for college dorms, attics and bedrooms. they’re just a fabric box, a metal support inside that is super easy to fold into a drawer or closet to save space.

Oxford Storage Box functions

You have to store books. The first thing to consider is waterproof and moisture-proof, so as to provide effective protection for books and prevent mold.
Non-woven fabrics are breathable, although they also have a certain moisture-proof function, they are not as advantageous as Oxford fabrics. The storage box/storage box is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, which is a kind of fabric for users’ high-end luggage or outdoor luggage products.

Oxford cloth storage box Features

The Oxford cloth storage box is characterized by its light texture, which can meet the basic needs of the home. In addition, the Oxford cloth storage box can be custom in variety of colors, which can be matched for different styles of rooms, and the capacity is also available in situations. We design it depend on clients’ requirements.
The Oxford cloth is suitable to be manufactured storage boxes. Due to the special material, the breathability, waterproof and moisture resistance of the Oxford cloth storage box is better than that of the non-woven storage box, creating a relatively good storage environment for daily necessities.
The Oxford cloth storage box may have some odors when it is just bought, which will affect the air environment of the room space, but it can be used normally after a period of ventilation. In addition, the Oxford cloth storage box is easier to be damaged by sharp objects.

What is storage box?

The storage box is a simple and portable multifunctional storage box used to classify small boxes for separate storage. It can be placed upright or flat. Boxes (boxes) specially used to organize messy items, used to store small things scattered at home. The storage box is designed to be foldable. Can place books, newspapers, cosmetics, and other small objects. Beautiful and practical, foldable storage, does not take up space, is a good helper for daily use at home.


The waterproof Oxford cloth storage box is made of fabric.  it is more wear-resistant, but not scratch resistant. When using it, you must pay attention to avoid hard objects scratching the Oxford cloth, which will damage the storage box and prevent you from storing clothes well. When using, pay attention to maintaining the tightness of the storage box, avoid moisture entering, keep the inside of the storage box dry, and provide a good storage environment for clothes. Oxford cloth storage boxes are all waterproof coatings. In a humid environment, they have a certain waterproof and moisture-proof effect, but they cannot be stored in a humid environment for a long time, which is not conducive to the storage of clothes.
When the Oxford cloth storage box is produced, in order to make the performance better, the Oxford cloth will be treated with a waterproof coating, so that the Oxford cloth has better waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, and can better store items. Due to the coating, the Oxford cloth storage box will have some taste. In fact, not only the Oxford cloth storage box, many new things, after being reproduced, will have too much or too little smell. This is unavoidable in the production process. Although some deodorizing treatments are done at the end, it is inevitable that there will be some odors. Oxford cloth is dried. During the drying process, the smell of the paint and coating will evaporate and will not cause harm to the human body. We just need to dry the storage box before use to let the smell of paint and coating dissipate.

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