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Seagrass Basket Hanging Decor

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seagrass wall decor
Wall Basket Decor
seagrass wall decor
Wall Basket Decor

Material: Grass
Craft: Hand made
Custom processing: Yes
Category: Decorations
Craftsmanship: Weave
Hanging form: Ornaments
Production Method: Hand made
Package: According to customer requirements
Print LOGO
Size: 15CM~48CM, customized

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Seagrass wall decor
Wall Basket Decor

Made from natural rattan, lightweight, and highly durable. Colorful plastic cords are used to form the shape of the bowl and make it more unique. A string is attached on the back for easy wall hanging.

Our advantage

Products include office decorations and supplies; home decorations and supplies; hotel decorations and supplies; travel supplies and other handicraft products.
The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Taiwan Strait, Australia, and Hong Kong.
The factory has rich product design and manufacturing capabilities and can provide customers with development series based on their business characteristics, and undertake any source of purchase from customers, sample production, and processing with supplied materials. The combination of traditional hand-made craftsmanship has continuously developed a large number of new products, disguising the products as a whole.
For product quality, our factory has established a strict quality management system. From the selection of materials to the shipment of finished products, they are carefully inspected by quality inspectors. Unqualified materials will not be produced, and unqualified products will not be shipped.

Wall hanging decoration introduction

In the decoration, the background wall must be the top priority of the living room decoration. As the visual center of the entire living room, the decoration of the background wall can be said to reflect the owner’s personal taste in life, and it is the first impression that the overall home environment brings to others. For the decoration of the background wall, many owners like to choose various pendants as decoration.

Decoration skills of living room background wall hanging

Art painting pendants are the most common as the background wall of the living room. Generally, oil paintings, Chinese paintings, abstract geometric drawings, etc. are used as decorations on the background wall of the living room. The use of art painting pendant decoration requires special attention to arrangement and layout. If only a single painting is used as decoration, you need to choose according to the size of the background wall. Generally, you choose a widescreen picture frame or a frameless picture as decoration. The selected pictures for the decoration of this single painting are most common in Chinese paintings, large oil paintings or calligraphy. In addition, symmetrical two-frame decoration, four-frame decoration, or multi-frame decoration of different sizes are also more common. However, multi-frame decoration generally uses photos. Chinese paintings and oil paintings are not suitable for multi-painting. Box decoration.

In addition to the common types of pictures used as decorations on the background wall of the living room, there are more common decorations on the background wall. If you use hanging plates as the background wall decoration, you can choose an orderly and neat arrangement or an irregular arrangement. When arranged in an orderly manner, the sizes of the hanging plates are generally uniform, making the wall look neat and tidy. When arranged irregularly, the size of the hanging plate is different, but there is generally a visual centre. But no matter which arrangement you choose, the pattern decoration of the hanging plate is best not to be the same, otherwise, it will appear too monotonous.

For owners who like to be innovative and creative, the living room background wall hangings may also need to be creative and innovative. Fan-shaped and irregular-shaped pendants, artistic line pendants or independent animal pattern pendant decorations, etc., these styles are different, and the decoration of the background wall hangings that break through the traditional regular arrangement makes the whole living room look fashionable and not identical.

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