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Wall Hanging Macrame

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macrame wall
Macrame wall hanging
cotton thread hanging
macrame wall
Macrame wall hanging
cotton thread hanging

Brand Name: Beaufy
Material: Cotton, Cotton Thread
Technics: Handmade Woven
Style: Europe, Boho
Design Style: Art Decor, CLASSIC, Modern
Usage: Decorative, Indoor Wall Hanging Decor
Shape: Round
Pattern: Horizontal
Format: Bead Rope
Specification: Single-piece Package
Function: hanging, Multi-Functional
Season: All-Season
Room Space Selection: Not Support
Occasion Selection: Not Support
Holiday Selection: Not Support
Craft: 100% Handmade Craft
Color: Lvory
Application: Home Wall
Logo: Available

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macrame wall
Macrame wall hanging
Cotton thread hanging

Wall Hanging Macrame

A leading craft manufacturer, Beaufy’s markets include TV Shopping, Department Stores, Super Markets, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Cafes and Coffee Shops, Discount Stores, E-commerce Stores, Gifts Stores.

Our Advantage

Products include office decorations and supplies; home decorations and supplies; hotel decorations and supplies; travel supplies and other handicraft products.
The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Taiwan Strait, Australia, and Hong Kong.
The factory has rich product design and manufacturing capabilities and can provide customers with development series based on their business characteristics, and undertake any source of purchase from customers, sample production, and processing with supplied materials. The combination of traditional hand-made craftsmanship has continuously developed a large number of new products, disguising the products as a whole.
For product quality, our factory has established a strict quality management system. From the selection of materials to the shipment of finished products, they are carefully inspected by quality inspectors. Unqualified materials will not be produced, and unqualified products will not be shipped.

Wall Hanging Macrame Features

The large macrame wall hanging adds a unique, boho-luxury touch to any space. Hang it on your wall as macrame curtains for windows, macrame headboard for bedroom, woven hanging tapestry.

Made of natural cotton rope and wooden dowel.

Come with a stick on the head. And easy to stitch the three separate macrame walls hanging together.

Wall hanging Introductions

Wall hanging, A decorative textile hanging on the wall. Including woollen wall hanging, printing and dyeing wall hanging, embroidery wall hanging, cotton wall hanging and so on. Woollen wall hangings are also called tapestries and tapestries.
The wall is an artistic expression form that expresses the shape and color of modern decoration and combines with the essence of modern architecture.
Wall knitting is a knotted artwork made of different types of fiber materials. It can also be called fiber art or soft sculpture. It breaks the flatness and display method of the previous knitting wall hanging, and moves from flat to three-dimensional. It breaks through the limitations of the plane form and space range and also breaks the rigid materials of previous sculptures, such as: stone, copper, iron, wood, etc., hard materials cannot be plasticized. It is created with soft fiber materials, so the shape can be pushed, pulled, stretched, curled, etc. at will, and the shape of the work itself and the way of the display can be changed at any time, giving the audience a new visual experience.
Modern wall hangings, using various materials as raw materials, use traditional hand-woven fiber ornaments, emotional weaving, and intoxication to express ideas, designs and techniques. The modern wall hanging works with modern content and unique styles highlight the harmonious atmosphere between human and environmental architecture, showing the gripping artistic charm, and also evoke people to flirt with nature due to the extremely natural material texture and modelling appeal. Thereby eliminating the monotony and indifference caused by a large number of hard material products in modern times.
Modern architecture and interior decoration need this kind of three-dimensional artwork with soft surface and soft texture to increase the warmth and intimacy in the modern architectural space, and it also enriches the form of expression of the sculpture itself. Therefore, fiber art has become a new member of the sculpture family, thus breaking the traditional concept that sculpture is a hard material.
The fiber wall hanging uses a large number of soft, warm-textured hemp, cotton, wool, silk and other materials. Through the fine knot weaving process, the unique wall hanging art vocabulary is transmitted, thereby curing the indifference, mechanical, and lack of human touch of modern architecture. Feel the warmth of life again, thereby improving the quality of people’s living environment. Become a new variety of interior decoration art.

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