20 Years Manufacturing Straw Bags, Storage Boxes and Storage Baskets in China

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1255Where are Storage Basket Factories

There are many woven basket factories in Qingdao, China, and they produce many categories, mainly including Fabric Storage Basket, Seagrass Storage Box, and Wood Storage Box.

1255How To Find China Storage Box Manufacturer

China Storage Box Manufacturer
For there are many product categories involved in handicrafts, the website domain name is also used to distinguish whether websites are for retailers or wholesalers on the Internet. Customers can enter keyword queries in the browser, the more accurate the words, the more find accurate the websites. The words listed below can be frequently searched keywords, and the pages triggered by such words should be more accurate, especially for the query of Chinese basketry factories. You type factory, manufacturer, vendor, wholesale and etc. It is easy to find large-sized suppliers.
Search China Storage Box Manufacturer
China Storage Box Manufacturer Online
After entering the customer page, first look at the customer’s qualifications. Check whether the company name on the product certification, qualification certificate, system certificate, etc. that can have the company name is the same as their company. If it is the factory, it must be the same. If it is inconsistent, there must be documents to prove that they are organized.
Usually, the manufacturer’s website is more specific and professional, with a lot of manufacturer information, pictures, videos, and other materials.
Judging from the quotation and the MOQ, the quotations of the manufacturers are usually relatively low and the MOQ is large, while the general trading company cannot get a large MOQ and a relatively low price.
Check if it can provide the after-sales guarantee because the physical manufacturer is sure that the after-sales guarantee is guaranteed, and the factory is fully capable of making promises such as replacement, refund, warranty, etc., but traders usually cannot guarantee, and these are written in the contract.
If the factory is not very far away, you can visit the factory if you can. Usually, the factory is allowed to visit. If the other party does not agree, communicate with the other party with more professional knowledge. Usually, the people of the trading company do not know many process details. of knowledge.

1255Big brand online stores focus on retail

When encountering such big brands, it can basically be judged that it is online retail and commodities.

Lockn & Lock
Lockn & Lock entered the Chinese market in 2004, which had a great impact on China’s food crisper market. In 2007, a Lock & Lock production plant was established in Jiangsu, which directly laid the foundation for Lock & Lock’s localized production in China. Base. Now LocknLock, the storage box brand, has occupied most of the international storage box market and has won many international design awards and honors such as the most popular storage box brand among consumers.

Qiao An.
Some people may not have heard of the brand Qiao An. In fact, Qiao An is a storage box brand that specializes in the design and production of jewelry storage boxes. The original Qiao An storage box brand was an exporter of European-style household products. Later, it was found that there was a vacancy in the domestic storage box industry and the Qiao An storage box brand company was established. Qiao An has achieved good results in just a few years with his understanding of export products and reference to foreign advanced technology and craftsmanship, coupled with pure hand-made production processes.

Space Master
Just like its name, the Space Master brand pursues the maximum use of space for consumers. The reason why Space Master can be on the list of the top ten brands of storage boxes this time is another place that attracts consumers is the DIY furniture brand. It can allow consumers to make storage boxes by themselves under the professional guidance of designers because such a special space master won the top ten influential brands in China’s furniture industry and the most consumer-satisfied brand in 2006.

Lilin is a sub-brand of Shanghai Xintao Commodity Co., Ltd. The Lilin storage box is made of high-quality Oxford cloth, and the surface of the storage box is coated with an environmentally friendly PVC waterproof coating, which effectively prevents the storage items from being damp due to water seepage. . The unique mesh perspective design is convenient for consumers to find what they are satisfied with.

The difference between Alice’s storage box and other storage boxes is that it breaks the traditional storage concept. It uses bright plastic and fresh style plates as the main materials and provides various combinations in the model mode so that consumers can customize according to their own needs. The size of the storage box can be changed according to the needs of the storage box, so as not to waste space. The multi-layer storage cabinet developed by Alice in 2004, in the traditional mode of plastic storage cabinet, adopts the form of a slide, even if the storage box is full of things, it can be opened and closed freely.

DeLome is a storage box brand in China that only uses leather as the main material of the storage box. DeLome’s way of paying attention to the details of the storage box is very suitable for some young people who pursue high quality of life. The designer has perfectly combined the storage box with the seat stool. The storage box can be placed at the door’s entrance and used as a shoe-changing stool. The thoughtful design has won numerous praises from young consumers.

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