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Storage stools have become popular

The storage stool is a new type of household storage product. The appearance is round, polygonal, square, or rectangular. After the combination, the whole is a small sofa stool. The interior space can be used to store items. Some types (mostly cardboard) can be dismantled when idle. It is very convenient to fold and collect.

Storage Stool Factory

Storage stools have begun to become popular, more and more pragmatists have begun to contact storage products, and storage series products frequently appear in the creative life of the home. A mature product flows into life, and the usability of its storage stool has undergone earth-shaking changes. It has gradually diversified from the previous simplification and has been upgraded in terms of appearance, function, cost performance, service life, and other factors.

The enhanced version of the folding storage stool that appeared on the market has an upgraded fabric, which is more in line with the current aesthetic light, the methanol content of the internal density board (MDF) meets the standard, and the product’s flammability and physical overturning tests have been upgraded;

Storage stools

Specific SGS testing-related reports:

1 EN71-1: 2011 Mechanical Physical Properties Test

2 EN71-2: 2011 Flammability Test3 EN71-3: 1994+A1:2000+AC:2002-Transfer of certain elements

The high-standard demand of the storage stool market makes it more reflected its value and closer to life. The storage stool is no longer a stool, but a decoration. The multi-functional storage stool keeps the home in order!

main material

Cotton canvas, Oxford cloth, PU leather, non-woven fabric, sponge, fiberboard or cardboard, etc.


  1. It can be used as a seat stool, shoe changing stool, and footrest, and can bear a weight of up to 100KG;
  2. It is used as a storage box, with a large internal capacity, which can store sundries, such as books, newspapers, shoes, children’s toys, and other household sundries;
  3. There are no hard and abrupt corners, the elderly and children at home are not easy to be bruised, the material is soft and does not wear on the ground, it integrates practicality and decoration, and it can be folded and stored in spare time, taking up little space;
  4. Commercial advertising promotional gifts, printing corporate LOGO and characteristic patterns so that the advertising effect can last deep into the family.


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